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5 High-Calorie Cocktails To Avoid

While you go on your stint of visiting your favorite bar or pub nearby, you go through the drinks menu wondering what to order. While some cocktails are tempting, you need to watch out for the below names as they are filled with calories. These may not be good for your waistline. Here are five cocktails to avoid.

  1. Eggnog: If it is the holiday season, then this is one of the most popular cocktails, even though you would want to have a few times, refrain from ordering more. This cocktail has sugar, egg yolk, heavy cream, and milk amounting up to 400 calories and finishes it off with spiced rum or Mcdowell's no 1 rum.

  2. Long Island tea: This cocktail is a mix of vodka, tequila, light rum, gin with coca cola. It is known to go down easy and cause one of the worst hangovers. If this doesn't keep you away from ordering then this would- this cocktail has all the sugar from alcohol and soda, it is also served in an oversized glass which makes it even more calorific.

  3. Mudslide: This is not just a cocktail, but an adult desert and a milkshake. This cocktail has vodka, Kahlua, Bailey, and cream, which makes a whopping 800 calories.

  4. White Russian: Made up of vodka, Kahlua and heavy cream this cocktail is sure a winner with your taste buds, but not with your health. It initially will have 500 calories. You can also make it with low calorie using low-fat milk and cream, which will be much less tasty.

  5. Mai Tai: This thick and creamy cocktail is the ideal beverage when it comes to vacations, but do not get carried over as there are added calories sugary syrup and juice which is quite heavy on your waistline.

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Music always cheers up our mind and satisfy our soul with peace. The new and trending concept of live music in pubs and bars always multiply our fun and we tend to visit these bars and pubs every weekend. So, these are some exotic pubs and bars which inflate the experience of their customers with amazing services and melodious live music experience.

  1. AREA 51, PUNE

Area 51, situated in the outskirts of the city is just perfect and worth the trek as the dome with its revolving lounge bar is an astonishing experience. They have highlights of giving live music experience to their customers. The glass-bottomed level lit with myriad colors adds spark to the live music experience at Area 51. Go here when you want to go nuts with a big group of people.


Air Café Lounge is a perfect place to relax and an welcoming retreat. The lounge bar is stocked with great ambiance and elegant experience of live music performed by great artists. The melody of music with delicious dishes is guaranteed to leave feeling truly satisfied. 

  1.  ARDOR 2.1, DELHI

Ardor Restaurant, Lounge and Terrace cafe particularly known for best parties and décor gives you mouth-watering food with terrace experience just like pastry with a cherry on the top. You should definitely visit this if you love live music with a beer in your hand.

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Chilling in bars and pubs is all you desire when the weekend is knocking up the door. The fun doubles up when you go with your friends or cousins as the talks and enjoyment with the people of your age and mentality comforts you more in a specific outing. Nowadays pubs and bars have trend to promote the games that you can enjoy with your friends to multiple your fun on that visit. These are some of the games that you can actually enjoy and can easily add up in your cherish experience.

  1. Dice Drinking Games

An affordable and a very simple game. Just have dice and cups available at that bar. It gives a nice touch to include in each rental a card with some of the tricky instructions to a few of the most popular dice games.

  1. Table Games

The table games are always fun. Whether it’s a coin operated tables, or air hockey, foosball or a pool table. They are pretty exciting as there are variety of it and you can just hold a beer in your hand and play along chilling.

  1. Dart Game

One of the most iconic pub game, it can provide you a great time as well as hilarious time if you are not properly coordinated.

  1. Cornhole

Another cheap and best option to boost up your energy. But just remember it’s all about luck.

  1. Social Board Games

For long parties and to keep it exciting as well as simple, these social board games plays an important role. These games include Jenga, Taboo, Apples to Apples, Uno, etc.

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