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So, the awaited time of the year is back again with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm where all the ICC Word Cup cricket fans will be cheering at top of their lungs with beers and drinks in their hand.  What’s better than sitting in a bar or pub with your friends and cheering for your favorite team with drinks in your hand. The big screen at every pub plays live ICC Cup 2019 screening which you can debate over who’s the better player over kebabs and cocktails. All of the cricket fans have different choices when it comes to enjoying match. Some prefer quite rooftop dinning while some prefer beautiful ambience with delicious food, some demands fully energized enthusiasm environment, some of them prefer chilling at terrace pub with nice cooked food and beer in one hand.

Watching live screening at pub is far better than watching it at home because at pubs you can just chill without having any tension of being a good host. You can order delicious food with a shot of Black Dog or Signature in one hand and cheering for your favorite team.

So, what you guys waiting for go and chill with beer all day at nearby pub and bars with your friends and family in this World Cup season and cheers for your favorite team.

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4 Things You Need To Know About A Old-Fashioned Cocktail

The old-fashioned cocktail is one of the classic cocktails that has gone very fewer changes from the time it got invented. It is the perfect cocktail which is a little sweet and a little bitter. Here are five facts about this iconic cocktail. Next time when you are at a pub nearby and sipping this iconic cocktail, share these points with your friends and show off your cocktail knowledge.

  1. Typical old-fashioned consists of Spirit, sugar, bitters, and water which are the ideal components of a perfect cocktail.

  2. Although the original recipe was made with whiskey, this cocktail can be made with mezcal, rum, gin, and other spirits. In 1887 the first version was made with gum syrup, ice, Angostura bitters, a couple of dashes of Caco and whiskey. By 1900 the angosturas were let go and swapped the gum syrup with raw sugar. All the alterations had a citrus peel on the top.

  3. A brandy variation of this cocktail originated in Wisconsin which was carried by many German immigrants who settled in the state in the late 19th century.

  4. A perfect cocktail is one which has a balance between all the ingredients, and nothing must be overbearing. In the case of old-fashioned sugar makes all the difference, the balance depends on the source and the amount of sugar. If you are using simple syrup, then use a younger bourbon which is 80-90 proof.

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5 High-Calorie Cocktails To Avoid

While you go on your stint of visiting your favorite bar or pub nearby, you go through the drinks menu wondering what to order. While some cocktails are tempting, you need to watch out for the below names as they are filled with calories. These may not be good for your waistline. Here are five cocktails to avoid.

  1. Eggnog: If it is the holiday season, then this is one of the most popular cocktails, even though you would want to have a few times, refrain from ordering more. This cocktail has sugar, egg yolk, heavy cream, and milk amounting up to 400 calories and finishes it off with spiced rum or Mcdowell's no 1 rum.

  2. Long Island tea: This cocktail is a mix of vodka, tequila, light rum, gin with coca cola. It is known to go down easy and cause one of the worst hangovers. If this doesn't keep you away from ordering then this would- this cocktail has all the sugar from alcohol and soda, it is also served in an oversized glass which makes it even more calorific.

  3. Mudslide: This is not just a cocktail, but an adult desert and a milkshake. This cocktail has vodka, Kahlua, Bailey, and cream, which makes a whopping 800 calories.

  4. White Russian: Made up of vodka, Kahlua and heavy cream this cocktail is sure a winner with your taste buds, but not with your health. It initially will have 500 calories. You can also make it with low calorie using low-fat milk and cream, which will be much less tasty.

  5. Mai Tai: This thick and creamy cocktail is the ideal beverage when it comes to vacations, but do not get carried over as there are added calories sugary syrup and juice which is quite heavy on your waistline.

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5 Tips To Drink The Hemingway!

Ernest Hemingway was America’s famous novelist and a Nobel prize winner. He was also passionate about his booze. Here are 5 points from the great writer which can make your date with your favorite alcohol memorable. Next time when you are at a pub nearby and sipping on some Johnny Walker or Antiquity blue remember these.

  1. The world is best known for its local alcohol, yes! If you want to know what a country’s real culture is then visit its local bars and interact with the crowd. There are also a few local delicacies which are famous for that place, for example, Absinthe in Paris, Rum in Cuba, and Schnapps in Germany.

  2. Be it a cozy home bar or a pub nearby always have a stock of quality whiskey, as it is the best drink to sip and have a good drink with friends; also many classic cocktails have this as their base spirit.

  3. You should never drink and work a says, Hemingway because tasting alcohol is best when relaxed and in the company of friends.

  4. Always know your cocktail, even though you are a regular at a bar or the bartender is your friend, it is always advised to know your cocktail.

  5. One must always drink alcohol when it's cold. He even describes a method of using tennis ball cans to make dense ice cubes to be used in Martinis.

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Shots are considered to be the most enjoyable and fun loving drink to order at pub as they go down quickly. All shots are different and surely some of them are tasty too. Here are some of the shots you can definitely try at your next party.

  1. Alabama Slammer

If you like fruit punch this is the best choice of shots, basically a mixture of sloe gin, amaretto liquor and sour mix. As it goes down slowly, you can order for your friends and cousins. Remember, this is the strongest shot as it has no fillers.

      2. Red-Headed Slut

Another classy shot made of cranberry juice, peach schnapps and Jagermeister. It has sweet taste and remember to keep a straight face while you order it!

      3. Kamikaze

This is the blend of vodka, orange liquor and lime juice. It is too refreshing while dangerous too! They are sneaky little critters as they go down slowly but are quite loaded. 

     4. White Gummy Bear

One more sweet shot made up from cherry vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and Sprite. This is what you can have when you desire alcohol and dessert together.

    5. Irish Car Bomb

We all love to party with friends and that too when it comes to the competition where the Bailey’s Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey into one glass and drink as fast as you can. 

   6. Prairie Oyster

The only breakfast shot for hangovers. The only shot relieves your headache at 9am in the morning.

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As we grow up we tend to feel that we want to experience each and everything in life such as partying with friends, sneaking out of the house, or visiting a bar with buddies just to chill. But the only thing triggers us while thinking to go bar and try drinks for the first time is which drink to order and which drink is safe to have.

So, here are some of the drinks you can order which are actually safe to have at your first time out.

1. The best option for first time out is to have Beer. (Preferable Crown Royal)

2. Vodka Sprite 

Simply vodka and sprite for people having desire to have vodka.

3. Vodka Cranberry

A classic and cheapest drink to easily buy and a perfect blend of vodka and cranberry juice.

4. Rum and Coke

Preferable for boys to chill at their first timeout.

5. Dirty Shirley

It’s basically Sprite, Grenadine and Tequila. You can take vodka instead of tequila that too on the rocks.

6. Gin and Tonic

Also called gentleman’s classic. Pro tip: add lime and you are good to go.

7. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila, grenadine and some chilled orange juice to boost you up.

8. Lemon Drop

Another classic with vodka, just add lemonade. Enjoy the shots.

So, don’t delay your parties or first hangouts. Just be confident and order the above drinks and you are good to go! Cheers!!!

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