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We all love to party but the only thing that hesitate a lot of people and stopping them to go to a pub with their friends is the simple question, what to wear and go in a pub?

So, here are some of the tips for both boys and girls to dress like a pro among their friends.

Let’s start with boys always an easy option to decide,

Best Combinations:

T-Shirt with a logo, or some funny message and a jeans or a cargo. If you choose simple jeans, Woodland shoes would look perfect. Plain T-shirt and flat front trousers also go great.  Skin Tight Neck T-Shirt with Leather Jacket always looks classy. Sunglasses is must. If you are fond of shirts then wear bright colors with trouser and tight jeans. Deodorants are must and prefer strong once.

Carry your attitude and personality in a proper way because at the end of the day that only counts.

Now let’s have a look for girls,

Always remember choose comfortable clothes as the main motto for going to a pub is to chill and party. Show up your skin to get attention but not in a bad way. To get a classy look don’t wear extra necklace or assets. Wear high heels only if you are comfortable enough but boot heals look really classy and goes with everything. Wear clothes that leave a little to the imagination. You don’t have to be covered from head to toe, but do look respectable. A little black dress is always appropriate or a tank top and jeans with little bit jewelry and some great shoesThe makeup should shows your confidence so don’t do extra makeup.

Hair tips: make hairstyle according to your dress, if your dress is high necked, messy bun will go perfect on it. If your dress’s neck is deep you can open your hair and try different hairstyles like half pony, or something with open hair. 

Tip for both boys and girls: Black always looks classy. 

Never skip any parties. You are ready to rock!

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4 Fun Ways Which Can Help You Split The Check While At A Pub Nearby

After having an amazing tie at a pub nearby, the only thing that isn’t fun is paying for the check. If you went to the pub in a group, then here are four games using which you can determine who shall pay the cheque.

1. Credit card roulette: If you cannot find a way to pay decide who can pay the cheque, then, leave it to your luck. Place all your credit or debit cars in a hat or an empty bag and ask one of your friends or the bartender to pick up a random card. The card which gets picked is going to be used.

2. Play a drinking game: You can also use one of the classic drinking games to determine who will pay the check. Any game where players can compete individually will work.

3. Phone free will power: This is a classic game where all challenge each other on who can spend time without touching their mobile, the first person who fails pays the bill.

4. Guess your share: This game works best when the bill is to be split between all the members of the group. All the members will sit in a circle and each one guesses how much their share of the bill would be. The player whose guess is the closest will collect money from all the players, and if the amount is less he will add the extra money and pay if it is more he gets to keep it.

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