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The beer is the oldest and most likely drink in the world ordered every time when you are out with your friends at pubs. There are a surprising number of us who still don’t know how to have it in a proper way. There is actually an art behind having beer properly.

So, here are some of the mistakes you have probably been making with your pint. Now it’s time to stop!

  1. Frosting your glass
    This is the biggest myth in drinking beer mainly seen everywhere, the joy of a frosted beer glass. It basically never make your drinking experience any better. In fact, it will kill its carbonation and aromas. Use the glass at room experience.

  1. Drinking beer ice cold
    Drinking beer ice cold never gives you maximum taste, some of the beers are meant to be served just above room temperature so it’s recommended to leave them in the fridge for just 10minutes before having it.

  1. Leaving it in sunlight
    Unknown fact but true. Beer is never supposed to be in sunlight before it’s opened. Don’t believe this? Try to get a bottle of beer from sun exposed shelf from hot shop and then open and smell it. You will feel that it’s been skunked. Always store beer in cool and dry place to keep its taste and flavor right.

  1. Keeping it too long
    The taste of the beer always gets worse as it gets old. This is because some of the beers age quickly and should be consumed when bought. 

  1. Overthinking it
    Being a foodie is same as being a beer lover. Never get technical to mates about varieties. Most of you might like Guinness, or some may like Harp Lager depending upon their taste. Just enjoy.

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We all love to party but the only thing that hesitate a lot of people and stopping them to go to a pub with their friends is the simple question, what to wear and go in a pub?

So, here are some of the tips for both boys and girls to dress like a pro among their friends.

Let’s start with boys always an easy option to decide,

Best Combinations:

T-Shirt with a logo, or some funny message and a jeans or a cargo. If you choose simple jeans, Woodland shoes would look perfect. Plain T-shirt and flat front trousers also go great.  Skin Tight Neck T-Shirt with Leather Jacket always looks classy. Sunglasses is must. If you are fond of shirts then wear bright colors with trouser and tight jeans. Deodorants are must and prefer strong once.

Carry your attitude and personality in a proper way because at the end of the day that only counts.

Now let’s have a look for girls,

Always remember choose comfortable clothes as the main motto for going to a pub is to chill and party. Show up your skin to get attention but not in a bad way. To get a classy look don’t wear extra necklace or assets. Wear high heels only if you are comfortable enough but boot heals look really classy and goes with everything. Wear clothes that leave a little to the imagination. You don’t have to be covered from head to toe, but do look respectable. A little black dress is always appropriate or a tank top and jeans with little bit jewelry and some great shoesThe makeup should shows your confidence so don’t do extra makeup.

Hair tips: make hairstyle according to your dress, if your dress is high necked, messy bun will go perfect on it. If your dress’s neck is deep you can open your hair and try different hairstyles like half pony, or something with open hair. 

Tip for both boys and girls: Black always looks classy. 

Never skip any parties. You are ready to rock!

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