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5 Signs you are at a good Pub

You go to a pub or a bar to hang out with friends, enjoy the music and do not mind paying little extra for the alcohol as it will be served by professionals in a chic ambiance. It is obvious to expect good service from a pub as you can have the same party at home, but instead choose that pub nearby. So, how do you determine whether a bar or pub is good? Initially, we follow the reviews, peer opinions. But, there are a few signs which you need to look out to determine the pub as a good one.

Here are 5 such signs you are at a good pub.

  1. Does the Bartender Know what he is doing? The success of a bar in a pub is determined by how well the bartender is able to manage the guests and serve them what the cocktail of their choice. Observe the bartender at work, if he is fast at serving drinks, at the same time if he is keeping his workstation clean, then it is sure sign that he/she is a professional bartender.

  2. Did you get any Drink Recommendations? Although it is best to order a cocktail or a drink of your choice, sometimes the bartender must be capable of suggesting whether a peg of Black dog whiskey is good or a pint of Kingfisher beer. He must also have complete knowledge of all the ingredients in the cocktails within the menu.

  3. Is the ice old or new? While preparing a cocktail, observe of the bartender is pouring the cocktail into a cocktail glass filled with fresh ice or is he transferring the cocktail along with the shaken ice? This is important as the shook ice not only looks half melted in the glass but, also as it half melts it will fail to keep your beverage cold for a long period.

  4. The Quality of the Garnish: You are paying pretty good cash for your cocktail, so they better be good, for example, your peg of Johnny Walker whiskey better be served over quality ice, and your cocktails must have fresh lemon wedges and fresh juices. Nothing should be dried out or withered.

  5. How you are welcomed? You are a guest in the pub, so it is their duty to make you feel welcomed. At a good bar, the customer is always greeted, shown his seat, handed over the menu and his order is taken in a jiffy. The bartender must also be friendly and interact with the guest and entertain them.

Next time when you are at a pub or bar at a nearby location look for these 5 signs so that you can recommend the place to your friends and family.

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5 Most Played Songs at a New Year Party in a Pub

It is almost the end of the year 2018, and very soon we will enter into a new year which means you will find a legit reason to go to your favorite pub nearby, dance till you drop to all the hit numbers. 

Here are 5 songs that will set the party mood at any pub.

  1. London Thumakda: Although this is a wedding song this is a hit number in many famous pubs, gather your girls gang, each have a shot of Smirnoff Vodka and do the desi thumak to the contemporary and folk music.



  1. Tune maari entry: This is a perfect song to dance at a party in a pub, the music is peppy and the crowd cannot resist shaking a leg to this song. All the ladies on the dance floor give some jhatkas.


  1. Sunny Sunny: It is impossible to compose a party playlist without a Honey Singh song, here it is another yo yo number from Honey Singh. Enjoy to the refreshing beats of this song along with a sip of Signature premier whiskey.



  1. Dance Basanti… Ungli: This is a true party number from the movie Ungli. The music is rocking and the crowd will surely dance to this song.



  1. Abhi To Party Shuru Hui hai: Yes! The party has just begun, there is going to be more dancing through the night. This song is apt for any new years party as the real party starts at midnight.



These are just 5 of such songs which will make your new year party at a pub nearby a dancing extravaganza.

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