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Types of bartenders found at a pub.

A bartender plays an important role in entertaining the guests. He/ she is also a major source of income to the bar. The success of a pub depends on how well the bartender is able to keep the guests satisfied throughout the night. A pub is a place where you will find all types of people, some are easy to please and some are troublesome. Hence, a bartender must have the patience and people skills to handle any type of customer. Today in our blog we are going to see the types of bartenders usually found in a pub.

The Magician: He/she can create any cocktail, these bartenders know their cocktails so well that they can not only replicate the same taste over and over but can also tweak the flavors as per the customer’s choice. Another specialty is that they can whip up a cocktail with minimum ingredients available.

The Marketer: One minute the adamant customer will be demanding for a bloody mary and the next minute you spot him happily sipping an apple martini. One can only wonder what has happened. Such type of bartenders are excellent at selling and their tips jar will always be overflowing. If you are a pub owner and have a few new drinks on the menu and want to popularise them, sit back and let the bartender do the talk. Their impeccable communication skills will make a majority of the guests try the new drinks.

The Counsellor: These type of bartenders are empaths and have the power to heal others. They can strike a conversation with a lonely drinker by offering him just the drink he needs. If you are lucky, you could even get some of the best advice from them. These bartenders are those people whom you need when things go wrong and the security guards are nowhere to be seen.

The Aggressive one: One must be extremely cautious while dealing with an aggressive bartender. They usually get agitated when tipped badly. He/she will not have the patience to deal with the customers and can act bitter if their cocktail is not accepted.

Next time when you are at a pub nearby, observe and note which kind of bartender he/she is.

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6 Tips to help you party at a pub while on budget.

Be it a student or a high paid IT professional, all of us have days where we need to be on a budget, and partying does not depend on your cash crunch. For example, your gang might come down to visit, and you decided to go out to the latest happening pub in your city, but your pocket has other plans. So how do you party and stay within budget?

Here are 6 tips on how to party at a pub while on budget.

  1. Start your own pre-party: It is true that your plan is to go to a pub and party all night, but it would be wise to start a pre-party at one of your friend’s home with some store-bought alcohol. This way your gang will not only have a comfortable start, but also the store bought alcohol is less expensive than those ordered at the pub. However, be careful to stay within limits as you do not want to enter the pub drunk.

  1. Eat before you start: In order to have a less painful hangover it is always advised to eat before you have alcohol. It could also save money, how? Just order few pizzas while ordering alcohol for your pre-party. This way you not only save yourself from a dreadful hangover but also save money on the expensive pub food. Keep in mind to eat just the right portions.

  1. Enter the club early: Pick a time to hit the pub when it just opened, this way your gang can have the pub for yourselves for few hours before the crowd starts to build. Also, many pubs offer a discounted price in the early hours.

  1. Keep the Budget in mind: This might sound cheap, but it is not!. Keep a figure in your head and stick to it. Make a mental calculation of the expenses and spend accordingly. Another smart move is to take cash and leave all your cards behind, this way you can resist the temptation to go beyond the budget.

  1. Alternate with soft drinks and water: This is another tip that has a dual advantage. Try to alternate alcoholic beverages with soft drinks and water. This way you are doing your liver and your pocket a big favor.

  1. Search for happy hours: Happy hours are a boon when it comes to budget parties, before deciding the party place search for happy hours near me you will find a number of options.

By following these simple steps you can party at a pub nearby even when your pocket is tight.

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