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The beer is the oldest and most likely drink in the world ordered every time when you are out with your friends at pubs. There are a surprising number of us who still don’t know how to have it in a proper way. There is actually an art behind having beer properly.

So, here are some of the mistakes you have probably been making with your pint. Now it’s time to stop!

  1. Frosting your glass
    This is the biggest myth in drinking beer mainly seen everywhere, the joy of a frosted beer glass. It basically never make your drinking experience any better. In fact, it will kill its carbonation and aromas. Use the glass at room experience.

  1. Drinking beer ice cold
    Drinking beer ice cold never gives you maximum taste, some of the beers are meant to be served just above room temperature so it’s recommended to leave them in the fridge for just 10minutes before having it.

  1. Leaving it in sunlight
    Unknown fact but true. Beer is never supposed to be in sunlight before it’s opened. Don’t believe this? Try to get a bottle of beer from sun exposed shelf from hot shop and then open and smell it. You will feel that it’s been skunked. Always store beer in cool and dry place to keep its taste and flavor right.

  1. Keeping it too long
    The taste of the beer always gets worse as it gets old. This is because some of the beers age quickly and should be consumed when bought. 

  1. Overthinking it
    Being a foodie is same as being a beer lover. Never get technical to mates about varieties. Most of you might like Guinness, or some may like Harp Lager depending upon their taste. Just enjoy.

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5 High-Calorie Cocktails To Avoid

While you go on your stint of visiting your favorite bar or pub nearby, you go through the drinks menu wondering what to order. While some cocktails are tempting, you need to watch out for the below names as they are filled with calories. These may not be good for your waistline. Here are five cocktails to avoid.

  1. Eggnog: If it is the holiday season, then this is one of the most popular cocktails, even though you would want to have a few times, refrain from ordering more. This cocktail has sugar, egg yolk, heavy cream, and milk amounting up to 400 calories and finishes it off with spiced rum or Mcdowell's no 1 rum.

  2. Long Island tea: This cocktail is a mix of vodka, tequila, light rum, gin with coca cola. It is known to go down easy and cause one of the worst hangovers. If this doesn't keep you away from ordering then this would- this cocktail has all the sugar from alcohol and soda, it is also served in an oversized glass which makes it even more calorific.

  3. Mudslide: This is not just a cocktail, but an adult desert and a milkshake. This cocktail has vodka, Kahlua, Bailey, and cream, which makes a whopping 800 calories.

  4. White Russian: Made up of vodka, Kahlua and heavy cream this cocktail is sure a winner with your taste buds, but not with your health. It initially will have 500 calories. You can also make it with low calorie using low-fat milk and cream, which will be much less tasty.

  5. Mai Tai: This thick and creamy cocktail is the ideal beverage when it comes to vacations, but do not get carried over as there are added calories sugary syrup and juice which is quite heavy on your waistline.

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5 Tips To Drink The Hemingway!

Ernest Hemingway was America’s famous novelist and a Nobel prize winner. He was also passionate about his booze. Here are 5 points from the great writer which can make your date with your favorite alcohol memorable. Next time when you are at a pub nearby and sipping on some Johnny Walker or Antiquity blue remember these.

  1. The world is best known for its local alcohol, yes! If you want to know what a country’s real culture is then visit its local bars and interact with the crowd. There are also a few local delicacies which are famous for that place, for example, Absinthe in Paris, Rum in Cuba, and Schnapps in Germany.

  2. Be it a cozy home bar or a pub nearby always have a stock of quality whiskey, as it is the best drink to sip and have a good drink with friends; also many classic cocktails have this as their base spirit.

  3. You should never drink and work a says, Hemingway because tasting alcohol is best when relaxed and in the company of friends.

  4. Always know your cocktail, even though you are a regular at a bar or the bartender is your friend, it is always advised to know your cocktail.

  5. One must always drink alcohol when it's cold. He even describes a method of using tennis ball cans to make dense ice cubes to be used in Martinis.

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