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How to Organise a Successful Pub Hopping Party for your Friends.

A pub crawl is a popular social activity that is popular among the western countries, it is slowly gaining fans in India too. In cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, number of bars and pubs are located near to each other, making it easy to hop from one pub to another.


Now, what is a pub crawl/hop? It is an exercise, where a group of friends visit series of pubs in one night. It started in England where people, started to visit various small pubs sampling local brews at each pub, soon this became a partying event which is organized for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, farewells etc.,


If you are planning to organize a pub crawl for your gang, here is the step by step procedure to plan a perfect pub hopping party.


Prepare a route map: Planning is very crucial for a successful pub hopping session. First, research how many pubs are there nearby and then select those that are most apt for you and which are within 10 km radius. Always avoid those pubs that have a wait time and try to include those which are favorites among the majority of your group. Next, call those selected pubs and find out if they have a reservation system, if yes then inform them the approximate timing and number of people. This not only helps the pub to be prepared for you but also gives you a chance to grab some free drinks or food.


Send Invites: Now that the itinerary is prepared, send out the invitations to all the group members. Do not forget to include the schedule of the pub hopping along with the route map, it is advised to share the contact numbers of all the group members so that they can stay in touch throughout the event.


Organize the logistics: Another important aspect is the logistics, it is vital that the group stays on course and everyone in the group visit all the bars in the itinerary and more importantly your drunk friends must not drive or lose track. In order to achieve this, make smaller groups within your group of friends and designate one person the responsibility of directing the rest of the members as per the itinerary.


Mealtime: It is equally important to see that all the members of the group have something to eat in between the hopping, as you do not want your friends to puke their guts out. So, make sure to include sometime before and in the middle of the program for meals.


Help in creating memories: The main agenda of pub hopping is to have fun with friends and make some memories. To make it easy create a social media group exclusive for your gang and ask the members to post pictures using the same hashtag. This will help all the members to easily collect all the pictures. To make the pub hopping even exciting, plan a dress code, but take care you do not overdo it.

Unwritten Rule Book: Although it is the organizer’s responsibility to plan, it is in each and everyone’s hands to make sure that the program goes on as planned. The members of the group must follow some untold rules such as always stick to the itinerary and make sure to leave the pub on time also,they must not engage in any violent activities.

To make things easy here is the link to a list of Bars and Pubs in some of the metro cities of India.

List of Bars and Pubs in Bangalore


List of Bars and Pubs in New Delhi


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List of Bars and Pubs in Kolkata.


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5 Tips to Party Responsibly at a Bar or Pub.

Responsible partying has many advantages, but it is not always easy to drink within limits when at a hip bar or pub. It is something that has to be achieved with time. Now, you cannot expect to suddenly have the willpower to limit your drinks to one or two. Agreed it is hard, but it is not impossible. With a strong mind to change even the wildest of party animals can be tamed. To help you bell the cat, here are few tips on how to party responsibly.


Make a Game Plan: There is no better way to tame temptation than having a plan and sticking to it. Before going to the party make a rough map in your head on how many drinks you are allowing yourself to have, and take a pledge that you would be having food in between and drink water. In order to have a better control, volunteer to become the designated driver, so that it will motivate you to stick to the plan.


Tag a buddy along: If you are going to a party with friends, then find a friend who is also looking to party within limits. This way you can help each other in keeping the alcohol consumption is within the limit. Before entering the party agree upon the ACT formula with your buddy.

Agree to stay with your buddy

Check in with your buddy regularly

Take your buddy home.


Pace yourself: The secret formula for responsible party is to learn to keep a healthy gap between drinks. I know it is easy to get lost in the paradise of drinks, at that very moment think of the horrible hangover that will knock your door the next morning. Hence, always know your alcohol capacity and try to spread it across the entire night. Also, drink plenty of water in between. If you need to hold something in between your drinks then grab a glass of water or club soda.


Avoid Drinking games at all cost: Proving to your friends, that you can chug a full bottle of beer in 5 mins can be exciting. But binge drinking is not a part of your plan and it can ruin the whole mission. So, next time you have the urge to compete, then it is better to do it in darts or games of snooker.


Learn to say NO: You have come with a pre-plan in your mind, but, at a party things always do not go as per plan. It can happen that you are in your last round of drinks and your dear friend offers another drink. Remember your game plan and politely say no, then find your buddy and drive safely home.


Next time when you are planning to party with your friends at a pub nearby, follow these simple rules, relax and enjoy the party without having to worry about things getting out of hands.

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