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5 Least To Highest Calorie Containing Cocktails

If you are looking to lose weight then, one of the important things to do apart from dieting and exercise is to stop consuming alcohol. But, it will be difficult to resist a cocktail when you go out to a pub nearby with friends, here are 5 cocktails ranked from least to highest calorific value to help you choose better. Or if you are the host this list will help you to serve your calorie conscious guests. 

Mimosa: If you have just started drinking, then this simple cocktail of champagne and orange juice is just what you need.

Calories: 87

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Bloody Mary: Next up in the list is this vodka based cocktail.

Calories: 118

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Margarita: Keep the calorie count low by avoiding the premade mix.

Calories: 120

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Mojito: This cocktail is refreshing as well as low in calories

Calories: 135

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Vodka cranberry: This is a simple cocktail, but is low in calories

Calories: 136

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5 Hacks To Fix Sub Standard Cocktails

Next time at a bar nearby or at a friend’s party if at all you were served a cocktail that was below the bar and you wondered if there was anything you could do to fix it yourself or instruct the bartender, then this blog post is for you, for we are bringing you some quick fixes for various cocktails when not up to the mark.

1. Concentrated lime juice: While we always recommend using only fresh lime juice in your cocktails, concentrated lime juice has its own advantage, this sweet yet tangy syrup can instantly give you that citrusy punch in cocktails like Commodore. Also, it can upgrade the taste of any subpar beer.

2. Angostura bitters: Next time when you tasted a cocktail which is sweeter than it has to be, do not get upset and shout at the bartender, instead ask him to add a few drops of Angostura bitters, which can transform your sweet cocktail to a more superior taste.

3. Maggi seasoning: Whenever your Bloody Mary or Michelada is not spicy enough, just add a dash of Maggi seasoning, made from fermented wheat protein it has a meaty and a slightly smoky taste.

4. Hot sauce: Along with the Maggi seasoning you can also opt to add hot sauce to add that necessary kick to your Bloody Mary. Also if your whiskey sour is made bland a dash of hot sauce will make you discover a whole new flavor.

5. Salt: This is not just for the tequila shots or to rim your cocktail glasses. Salt helps to bridge the gap between sweet and sour cocktails which can then enhance its taste. Also, you can fix a bad negroni with a pinch of salt sprinkled over the top.

So whenever you are at a bar or a pub and want to try something more than your usual peg of Johnny Walker whiskey, or Antiquity blue, or a shot of Smirnoff vodka, then order a cocktail. Do not worry if it turned out to be less than the usual in taste as now you know how to fix it.

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Basic Bartending Questions- Part 2

After giving you some basics on bartending, we bring you some more. Here are a few more terms you need to know so that you can order exactly the drink you have in your mind.

1. How long should you shake or stir a cocktail?

The main purpose of shaking or stirring a cocktail is to bring all the ingredients together, dilute the drink slightly and chill down the drink. In order to achieve this, it should be shaken or stirred for at least 10 seconds.

2. Does the type of ice used in a cocktail matter?

Definitely, your standard ice might melt and dilute the drink quickly before it could chill the cocktail. Large frozen ice melts slowly and is best for cocktails, also shaved ice not only keeps the cocktail cook but also helps in diluting some of the high-spirited cocktails.

3. What is a nightcap?

This is the name of a specific drink that is consumed just before going to bed, usually, digestives are used which help in easing the tummy.

4. Why do they flame the garnish?

Flaming garnish is not just to put on a show, it also helps in releasing the aromatic oils which help in enhancing the flavor of the alcohol. An orange peel or thyme when lit in fire releases a greater aroma.

5. What is a sour mix?

It is a mix of orange juice and simple syrup, if your cocktail is made with store-bought sour mix then it would taste the same when compared to one made using the hand made.

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4 Foods Which Can Help Curing Hangover

Anyone who goes regularly to a pub nearby, have a drink and party until dawn, have to battle with the hangover the next day. The best cure for the hangover is responsible drinking, but for those times when you go just a little out of control, here is a list of some super foods which work best in curing your hangover.

Avocado: There is a reason for Avocado to be the top ingredient in most of the health-centric lunches. This green berry looking vegetable is packed with potassium which helps to combat weakness and muscle weakness, and also replenishes the lost vitamins like B6. it also helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Whip up a bowl of salsa with some cilantro to get all the goodness of Avocado.

Banana: This fruit has loads of fiber and is light on the digestive system. So helps to flush out the remnants of last night. Even banana is rich in B6 and potassium. Have a glass full of banana smoothie for breakfast.

Salmon: Along with essential vitamins such as B and C which help in boosting the nervous system and immune system, salmon is packed with B12. it helps in maintaining energy levels as well as replenish the sodium levels.

Tea: The ginger and peppermint varieties of tea help in curbing nausea and reducing stomach inflammation. The antioxidants catechin in green tea help in improving the liver function.

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What to Do, And What Not To Do While Making A Old Fashioned


1. Choose your whiskey as the taste of your cocktail depends on the whiskey. Traditionally rye is used, but Bourbon also works fine.

2. An Old fashioned needs two or three dashes of bitters, however adding too much alters the taste of the drink. The quality of the bitters matters too.

3. Addition of orange peel is most welcome, but make sure not to add an entire peel.

4. Use large ice cubes so that your drink remains chilled without getting diluted.


1. The classic way to make an Old-fashioned is by placing a sugar cube in the glass, some people use simple syrup also. Either works fine, but do not add excess sugar.

2. Do not use soda water to melt the sugar, instead use ordinary water.

3. Do not muddle the cherries, as this drink does not need the strong cherry flavor.

4. Old- fashioned needs to be stirred and not shaken, use a bar spoon and stir it steadily.

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Jack Daniels Teriyaki Sauce

This do-it-yourself, sauce is easy to make and is a packed with tons of whiskey infused flavor.


⅓ cup soy sauce

2 tbsp Jack Daniels whiskey

2 tbsp rice wine vinegar

1 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp granulated sugar

2 tbsp water

1 tsp cornstarch

How to:

1. Add all the ingredients except the water and cornstarch, in a small pot over medium heat until all the sugars melt, and bring it to simmer.

2. In a bowl mix water and cornstarch so that there is no lumps, add this mixture to the pot and mix until sauce is thick enough to coat a spoon. Usually it takes 5-6 minutes.

3. This sauce is best for wings and other salads.

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