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5 Drinks You Must Order On Your First-Date

“A first impression is the best impression.” this holds true when you are going on your first day, and what is a better way than to take your date to a pub nearby and order a drink like a pro?

Here are 5 such alcoholic drinks you must order in order to create the best first impression.

1. The Manhattan: This is a perfect cocktail to order on a first date as it is fairly easy to make you can order it at any bar.

2. Beer and vodka shot: This may not be a cocktail, but it is a fun and unserious drink which is ideal for your first date. Just order a Kingfisher beer with a Smirnoff vodka shot.

3. The old-fashioned: This is the master cocktail of all. This cocktail is a thing of beauty and whoever orders this cocktail knows their whiskey, provided they know that big ice cubes, no soda water, not too sweet, and no muddled fruit is what makes the best old-fashioned.

4. The Negroni: This is an elegant drink that makes the first best impression. This beautiful drink is the perfect start for a long night.

5. Gin and tonic: This is another non-complicated cocktail which is ideal for a first date, it is simple to make and if the bar is crowded this is the quickest cocktail to be made.

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3 Drinking Game From Around The World

Drinking games are fun when alcohol and friends are together, it is the ultimate recipe for an exciting party. Next time when you are hosting a bachelorette or a house party for your friends introduce these games. Usually, house parties are the best occasions for drinking games as the booze is sourced at less cost from a local liquor shop.

1. Goon of fortune: This game is invented in Australia and is best played with beer. In these games, a wine bag is filled with beer and clipped to an arm of a rotating clothing line using a clothespin. All the players sit or stand along the perimeter of the clothing line and one player spins it. The player near the spinning bag of wine stops must take a sip. This game is filled until all the beer in the wine bag is exhausted.

2. Beer Marathon: This is for those people who can have a drink and run a few miles. Set a start and stop line, ask two players to stand at the starting line with a case of beer. The one to cross the finish line first after drinking all the beers in the case wins. Which means they have to drink while they run.

3. Bear paw: Let us tell you one thing, do not attempt this game, but if you are curious to know the rules, here you go: all the players sit in a circle, a mug filled with beer is passed, while music is being played. When the music stops, the player holding the mug must take a sip and top it with Smirnoff vodka and pass on the mug. This will continue until the whole mug is filled with vodka. The person who gets a chance to drink at the end of the game might get intoxicated.

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Mistakes To Avoid While Ordering Off A Cocktail Menu

1. Cocktails menus can be confusing, there will be cocktail names which you have never heard before and the descriptions will only confuse you more. So, next time when you head to a pub nearby avoid these 3 mistakes while ordering your favorite cocktail.

2. Often cocktail menus write the name of the cocktail and then mention the ingredients beneath so that the guests can get an idea of how the drinks taste like. Most pubs divide the cocktails based on the base spirits such as whiskey cocktails, gin cocktails, etc. So people usually get attracted by the base spirit and expect the cocktail to taste exactly like their favorite alcohol(Johnny Walker, Black Dog). It is advised that you read the full description before ordering.

3. Do not start by ordering a drink which you think you will like if the bartender does not manage to meet your expectations you might get disappointed. Instead, order a cocktail which you least like, this also you may or may not like, but you will still be left with your favorite choice to order.

4. Refrain from ordering something that is not seasonal, usually many bartenders have something in their menu that features the fresh ingredients of the season. Such cocktails will have a fresh taste.

5. Never ask the bartender what you want to drink, he might just whip up something that is easy which you could not like. So always have a clear idea on what you want and what you do not.

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5 Drinks You Should Never Order At A Bar Nearby

A bartender might be able to recommend what to order at a bar, but there are 5 drinks which one should not order. Want to know what they are? Here you go

1. Most bars do not have quality ingredients to fix you a mind-blowing vodka, so do not order and get disappointed when all you can taste the bitterness of synthetic lime juice and crummy mint leaves. Instead, order a mix of McDowell’s rum and diet coke.

2. Draft beers are usually stored and kegs and piped into the glass through beer lines, rarely these are cleaned, so it is advised to order a chilled beer bottle.

3. Any milk-based cocktails- the bartenders absolutely dread these, as these are rarely ordered, he/she might not stock milk or the milk might have expired, so save the White Russians for your home bar.

4. Never order wine at a bar, as most of them stock low-quality wines which would give you a brutal hangover the next day. As a substitute order a peg of Johnny Walker whiskey.

5. Never order boozy slushies, especially if they come from a machine, as these attract a lot of bacteria and are rarely cleaned, also the bartenders keep on adding mix and spirits which throws off the ratio.

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5 Techniques To Help You Upgrade Your Bartending Skills

A bartender’s job is one job where you constantly need to keep a lookout for new skills and tricks to mixing drinks quicker. If you are a bartender and looking to upgrade your skills then this post is for you. Try these techniques and put your pub nearby on the map.

1. Shaking two drinks at once saves a lot of time and helps you to serve those impatient guests quickly. Make sure you have a firm grip on both the shakers by placing your thumb and pinky finger at the bottom, and your forefinger and middle finger at the top, the rest is up to your comfort and style.

2. Throwing a cocktail is a fancy and flashy move, begin by holding both the shaker tins above your head and the strainer at its usual place. As you pour lower the catching tin at the midsection, once you completed pouring return the liquid to the original tin and repeat the action a few times.

3. While flaming cocktails is a good show to put up, take it a notch above by sprinkling cinnamon powder on top of the flame. It will give sparks and remains contained in the cocktail glass.

4. A Hawthorne strainer helps you mix and pour two cocktails simultaneously, this shaker has a gap in between that is separating the midsection into two different channels. Bring this section onto the rims fo two glasses and fill both the glasses at once.

5. If you have mastered the dry shake technique, then this is the next level. Shake the liquid ingredients with ice and strain it into small mixing glasses, then dump the ice, egg whites and shake again. This gives an extremely large frothy head.

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3 Bar Tricks Which Can Make You Look Cool

Imagine it is a Friday night and you all made a plan to hit to a pub nearby, you dressed up snappy and are sitting a pub. The music is high and the bartender is serving each of your favorite drinks such as Johnny Walker, Smirnoff vodka, Antiquity blue whiskey, and McDowell's rum. 

You guys are chit-chatting and you have the urge to grab everyone's attention, but do not know how? No worries this post is for you, as we will teach you 3 bar tricks which are easy and sure to make an impression. 

1. Turning water to whiskey: You need not have a magic wand like Harry Potter to turn water to whiskey. All you need is two shot glasses, a playing card or a sturdy business card. Fill one shot glass with water and the other with Johnny Walker whiskey up to the brim. Place the card on top of the water glass, covering it completely. Now, place your index finger on the middle of the card to hold it from falling, and invert the glass on top of the whiskey glass. Now, you will see a fully filled whiskey glass on top of a water glass separated by the card. Next, slowly slide the card just a little bit, and you will see little amounts of whiskey going into the water glass and vice versa. After sometime all the whiskey in the bottom glass will replace the water in the upper glass.

2. Move the olive from one place to another: This is a pretty neat trick that will surely earn you some betting money. First place two paper napkins at a certain distance from each other, name them as launch pad 1 and launch pad 2. Place an olive on the launch pad 1 and challenge your friends to transfer the olive from pad 1 to 2 using a snifter glass and without touching it. You will find the majority of your friends trying to scoop it. That is why you need to put an additional condition that the pads must not be moved from their position. After all of them fail, you step in and place the opening end of the snifter glass on the olive by rotating the glass, due to centrifugal force the olive goes inside the glass and revolves in the glass. Keep rotating the glass and take it to the pad 2 and drop the olive. Voila! You have done it.

3. Move a straw without touching it: Challenge your friends that you can spin a straw on the top of the bottle without touching it.  Without anyone seeing rub the straw onto your clothes. Now place a beer bottle on the table and balance the straw on top of it, and proceed to move the finger around the straw in the air without touching it. The static friction between your finger and the straw makes it to move.

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