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3 Rules To Make The Right Tequila

Tequila is a unique alcoholic beverage made from the distillation of a plant known as the Agave plant. This originated from Mexico and is now internationally well-known. Each area has its own method of preparing tequila, whatever the method be there are three basic rules which need to be followed to make the best tequila.

Here are those 3 golden rules for making tequila:

1. The first and foremost rule for making the best tequila in the market is to grow the agave plant in the right place. It must have high altitude, volcanic soil which gives it a distinct flavor and aroma.

2. The ancient hand-crafted process of making tequila requires cooking agave for 36  hours followed by 5 days of unassisted natural fermentation.

3. Sustainable methods must be employed to make tequila, this then helps to keep the soil fertile thus resulting in tasty tequila.

Next time when you are at a duty-free liquor outlet, do some research to find a tequila brand that uses these rules as that would taste the best.

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5 Signs Your Bartender Knows What He Is Doing

A bartender job is quite interesting as it needs both people skills as well as bar skills. If you a new pub opened nearby and you are not sure about the skills of the bartender, then here are a few signs that will tell you that the bartender knows what he is doing.

1. They are attentive: A bartender’s job is to greet people when they come into the bar. No matter how busy a bartender could be, if he could greet and acknowledge the presence of his guests then he sure has won the hearts of most people.

2. Bartenders could get busy very busy, in taking orders and welcoming guests, inexperienced bartenders tend to be stressed out and show it on their face. But a skilfull bartender always wears a smile on his face.

3. An experienced bartender will be able to gauge the likes and dislikes of his guests and will be able to make a recommendation quite confidently.

4. A bartender must know A-Z of his menu by heart. They must be in a position to tell which cocktail has what contents and how each cocktail is made.

5. A clean bar is also a sign of an experienced bartender. Clean hands, clean bar tools, and clean bar top is a must. All the alcohol bottles are stacked in order. And they are arranged such that they could be within reach.

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