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Too shy to dance at a pub? Here is how to get over it.

Do you feel your feet trembling on the dance floor? Do you always find excuses when asked to dance? And by chance, you end up on the dance floor you panic and try to find the nearest exit? Despite your answer being yes for all the above questions, deep inside you envy those friends who set the dance floor on fire and wonder how can they dance so effortlessly? Stop wondering as this blog is for all those shy dancers, to help them dance better next time they are at a pub nearby with friends.

Dance like no one is watching: The anxiety you feel is a result of the fear of getting judged by fellow dancers. Keep one thing in mind, people come to a pub to enjoy and dance and no one will be really bothered to evaluate your dance moves. So, just relax and be yourself this will help you to gain self-confidence. In fact, many shy dancers perform extremely well while dancing alone, try to replicate the same when you are on the dance floor as well. Once you master this there is no stopping.

It is only you not you v/s them: You are not a participant in some ultimate dance-off, so stop comparing yourself with others. You might be surprised to know that some of the people who are dancing so well today were once like you. If you cannot stop comparing then try to grasp some of their moves dance along with them. This will help in reducing fear.

Become a completely different person: Dancing will help you become a whole new person for some time. Yes! You could be a shy, introverted person, but on the dance floor, you imagine yourself as the not shy, extrovert person who is the life of the party.

It is ok to mess up: After all, you are human, and learning how to dance, hence it is quite common to make some mistakes and even fall down while dancing. Be prepared to learn from such incidents instead of feeling humiliated. Even professional dancers make mistakes, but they know how to get back after the fall. 

There are no rules: The bright side is there is no rule book on “how to dance at a pub”. You are free to dance as you wish as long as it does not cause inconvenience to others. Leverage this and pick up only those moves which you are most comfortable in. No matter how simple the steps are never lose smile and confidence while dancing.

The worst thing is not to try: Overthinking is another obstacle if you keep on thinking of what could go wrong and not try then you are missing the real fun. You do not want to be left alone at the table while all your friends are dancing on the dance floor. Also, once you get over the initial fear, you will experience the thrill and the exhilarating feeling of dancing.

We hope you are convinced to give dancing a try. Looking for the most happening pub with a massive dance floor? Here is the list of the popular pubs across major cities in India.

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A la carte v/s Buffet when to choose what?

One of the important aspects to take care while hosting a party is the food. Being the host you need to see to it that all the guests are satisfied and the food menu is such that it covers both vegetarian and nonvegetarian items. This brings us to the most important decision, which is whether to opt for party package or A la carte?  Taking into consideration all aspects it is wise to go for A la carte when the party is for 3-4 close friends, whereas, if the number of guests is more than 6 then party package is best suited. Want to know how? Read on to find out why party packages are better than A la carte.

A la carte is for small groups only: Imagine you are hosting a party for 12 of your friends at your favorite pub. Each of the guests has given their own order and some have ordered two items, and your party is on full throttle and you are enjoying. But at the end of the party, you find that more than enough has been ordered and the bill has gone way out of your budget. In such situations opting for party packages is a wise option as the quantity will be unlimited for a fixed amount of money.

A wide range of food: Party packages usually offer a wide range of food items right from starters to desserts, some pubs even include alcohol within the package. This way you can give your guests a wide range of options without being heavy on your pocket. You can also estimate the food budget beforehand since the price of the party packages is fixed.

Better Service: Unlike A la carte, party packages have predefined menu which usually covers all the necessary items. Another advantage is, the guests can go to the food spread and serve themselves only the required amount of food. Also, the restaurant servers take care that your table is cleared as soon as possible so that you can serve yourself some more food. This way the guests can spend a longer duration and will have enough time to interact with each other.

Cost- effective: Party packages are always cost effective, the cost per person is fixed and no additional costs will be added. Whereas in A la carte the cost is estimated per dish and when 12 of the guests order each then the bill amount will definitely go way beyond compared to the party package.

The above points are valid if you are hosting a party for a large group, there are few shortcomings when it comes to party packages such as your guests have to choose from the predefined menu, there is no place for any customization. As mentioned before, if you are hosting a party for 3-4 people then go for A la carte.

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