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10 Types of Drinker You Will Find In a Pub

We could be one of them or we could have them around us. Alcohol brings out the hidden personality in us. This person could be entertaining or irritating and there is no better place than a pub nearby, where you can encounter such personalities. 

Here are 10 types of drinker you will find at a pub

  1. The no limit today: These are the people who come with one motto to a pub which is to drink, drink and drink some more. They will not spare alcohol in any form and drink until they drop.

  2. The feather-headed: These are quite opposite to the no-limit people. They come prepared with a plan to drink at least a Kingfisher beer,  a Smirnoff vodka shot and an Antiquity whiskey cocktail. But, unfortunately, they feel the ground under their feet shake after few sips of beer.

  3. The Showoff: You often find some people come into the bar and order names of whiskey or scotch that would definitely be not available in India, and when the bartender says it is not available, they roll their eyes and order a peg of Johnny Walker. They would even seize the opportunity to elaborate it to the bartender their dalliance with imported liquor.

  4. The Dance Master: Just after few pegs of Signature premium whiskey, you will find these people on the dance floor. They normally do not dance, but once the alcohol goes in the dancer in them wakes up.

  5. The Party till you drop type: These are the people who firmly believe that the real party starts after midnight. They do not like to go home and do not mind dancing and partying till the sun rises.

  6. The Responsible Drinker: They have the money and the capacity to drink limitless, but they choose not to. They stick to their alcohol limit and stay in their senses throughout the party.

  7. The Chugger: As the name hints, they do not drink, they chug. These people are tankers and can chug a beer without putting the bottle down. You will often find these people in beer chugging competitions.

  8. Shots, shots more shots: Even Though there are a variety of alcohols in the pub, these people only prefer to have shots. For them, it is shots or no drinking at all.

  9. The Emo Guy: You will find this guy emotionally stable as he enters the pub, but shortly after two pegs of whiskey, he begins to cry and remember all the sadness in his life and sits and sulks.

  10. The Bully: These people, when drunk become aggressive and try to bully other people, these are the ones who usually start a bar fight.

Next time when you are at a pub nearby, look around and you will definitely find some of these.

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