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5 Tips to Party Responsibility at a Bar or Pub.

Responsible partying has many advantages, but it is not always easy to drink within limits when at a hip bar or pub. It is something that has to be achieved with time. Now, you cannot expect to suddenly have the willpower to limit your drinks to one or two. Agreed it is hard, but it is not impossible. With a strong mind to change even the wildest of party animals can be tamed. To help you bell the cat, here are few tips on how to party responsibly.


Make a Game Plan: There is no better way to tame temptation than having a plan and sticking to it. Before going to the party make a rough map in your head on how many drinks you are allowing yourself to have, and take a pledge that you would be having food in between and drink water. In order to have a better control, volunteer to become the designated driver, so that it will motivate you to stick to the plan.


Tag a buddy along: If you are going to a party with friends, then find a friend who is also looking to party within limits. This way you can help each other in keeping the alcohol consumption is within the limit. Before entering the party agree upon the ACT formula with your buddy.

Agree to stay with your buddy

Check in with your buddy regularly

Take your buddy home.


Pace yourself: The secret formula for responsible party is to learn to keep a healthy gap between drinks. I know it is easy to get lost in the paradise of drinks, at that very moment think of the horrible hangover that will knock your door the next morning. Hence, always know your alcohol capacity and try to spread it across the entire night. Also, drink plenty of water in between. If you need to hold something in between your drinks then grab a glass of water or club soda.


Avoid Drinking games at all cost: Proving to your friends, that you can chug a full bottle of beer in 5 mins can be exciting. But binge drinking is not a part of your plan and it can ruin the whole mission. So, next time you have the urge to compete, then it is better to do it in darts or games of snooker.


Learn to say NO: You have come with a pre-plan in your mind, but, at a party things always do not go as per plan. It can happen that you are in your last round of drinks and your dear friend offers another drink. Remember your game plan and politely say no, then find your buddy and drive safely home.


Next time when you are planning to party with your friends at a pub nearby, follow these simple rules, relax and enjoy the party without having to worry about things getting out of hands.

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Do you party responsibility? Then you are not the party pooper.


“Responsible partying”, many of us have a perception that this word is uncool and leave alone uttering, just thinking about it will make you the spoilsport of the gang. But in reality, a person who parties responsibly will enjoy more than the one who does not. Want to know how? Here is how!



Responsible Partying

Wild Partying

You can have a blast at a party and stay in shape.

Although you will enjoy the party, in a long run your body will take the hit.

Need not worry about the next day hangover

Will wake up hating yourself more than ever

You know your limit and so will not lose your senses.

You drink limitless, lose yourself and end up doing things which you will not be proud of.

You will have a healthy work- life balance and increase your social network

All you ever do is get drunk and forget what happened after that

Your body will have a balance of both healthy and party lifestyles

Limitless partying will take a toll on your mind and body

You can keep a cap on your party expenses

Leads to mindless spending and you will end up broke

You will have the capacity to attend to multiple parties and still stay alert and cheerful

At the end of one party, you need your friends to hold you up.

You will be less prone to alcohol dependency

There are high chances that you will have the urge to get drunk more than once a week

You need not sacrifice parties when you are on diet as you know when to stop

You must avoid parties as you cannot limit yourself to a drink or two


See, there are so many advantages if you adopt responsible partying. It is a misconception that the only way to let go of work stress is party wild and get drunk. In fact, they fail to realise that by doing this they are putting their mind through more stress. On the contrary, if you party within limits, you can not only enjoy the party but also be able to create memories. Do not bend down to peer pressure, but stand up and let them also know the miracles responsible partying can do to life.


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