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The Subtle Art of Ordering Drinks in a Pub.

The Subtle Art of Ordering Drinks in a Pub.

Ordering at a pub/ bar is not as simple as purchasing a bottle of Black Dog whiskey from a liquor outlet. In a pub or bar, a professional bartender will be there and he will understand when spoken in bar language. It is more of a social obligation to try and not look dumb while ordering for a drink at a bar/ pub. If it is your first time to a bar or if you are going out with office colleagues there are certain rules which need to be followed.

Here are some of the things you should do/don't while ordering at a bar/pub.

Avoid asking these 3 questions

Why did you not fill my glass to the brim? : This is not water or cola to fill your glass completely. Each form of the word such as peg, shot, pint, pitcher etc have specified volume and you will be served accordingly only.

What is good here?: If you ask this to the bartender, he will understand that you have no idea what is a good alcohol means. Sometimes it can happen so he will give you something which you will regret drinking. So instead of asking “what is good? Try asking “what are the specials for today?”

What is the cheapest Option?: It is a known fact that alcohol at a pub/ restaurant will be costlier than a bottle of the same. So be prepared to spend a bit if you want to have alcohol at a pub. One way is to find out the prices via the menu card or ask the bartender what are the popular drinks.

Learn the Jargons: There are certain terms that must be used while ordering drinks at a pub, here are some of the basic terms

On the rocks: If you say “I will have a peg of Jack Daniels in rocks” it means you will be served whiskey straight with ice or whiskey rocks.

Neat: when someone orders “ A peg of VAT 69 neat” then the bartender will serve them the whiskey without any soda or ice.

Spirit on Spirit: If you want to your drink to contain only alcohol without any added sugar or juice, then just say spirit on spirit.

It is always better to do some research before entering the bar so that it could give you the needed self-confidence. As time progresses you will become a pro at ordering drinks.

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Too shy to dance at a pub? Here is how to get over it.

Do you feel your feet trembling on the dance floor? Do you always find excuses when asked to dance? And by chance, you end up on the dance floor you panic and try to find the nearest exit? Despite your answer being yes for all the above questions, deep inside you envy those friends who set the dance floor on fire and wonder how can they dance so effortlessly? Stop wondering as this blog is for all those shy dancers, to help them dance better next time they are at a pub nearby with friends.

Dance like no one is watching: The anxiety you feel is a result of the fear of getting judged by fellow dancers. Keep one thing in mind, people come to a pub to enjoy and dance and no one will be really bothered to evaluate your dance moves. So, just relax and be yourself this will help you to gain self-confidence. In fact, many shy dancers perform extremely well while dancing alone, try to replicate the same when you are on the dance floor as well. Once you master this there is no stopping.

It is only you not you v/s them: You are not a participant in some ultimate dance-off, so stop comparing yourself with others. You might be surprised to know that some of the people who are dancing so well today were once like you. If you cannot stop comparing then try to grasp some of their moves dance along with them. This will help in reducing fear.

Become a completely different person: Dancing will help you become a whole new person for some time. Yes! You could be a shy, introverted person, but on the dance floor, you imagine yourself as the not shy, extrovert person who is the life of the party.

It is ok to mess up: After all, you are human, and learning how to dance, hence it is quite common to make some mistakes and even fall down while dancing. Be prepared to learn from such incidents instead of feeling humiliated. Even professional dancers make mistakes, but they know how to get back after the fall. 

There are no rules: The bright side is there is no rule book on “how to dance at a pub”. You are free to dance as you wish as long as it does not cause inconvenience to others. Leverage this and pick up only those moves which you are most comfortable in. No matter how simple the steps are never lose smile and confidence while dancing.

The worst thing is not to try: Overthinking is another obstacle if you keep on thinking of what could go wrong and not try then you are missing the real fun. You do not want to be left alone at the table while all your friends are dancing on the dance floor. Also, once you get over the initial fear, you will experience the thrill and the exhilarating feeling of dancing.

If nothing else works, have a sip of your favorite whiskey such as Black Dog, Mc Dowell's No.1, Jack Daniels, Antiquity Blue etc to let yourself loose. But, take care you limit the consumption to a minimal.

We hope you are convinced to give dancing a try. Looking for the most happening pub with a massive dance floor? Here is the list of the popular pubs across major cities in India.

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